The Bo Viera
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The Bo Viera

The BO Viera is a high-end residential development with 300 villas and apartments, a social center, and a 1.2 km coastal front. The site lies near the resort town Bodrum, a peninsula with dramatic topography, unusual textures, and stunning views of the sea.
With this project, the landscape is given the center stage. The masterplan maximizes the elevation differences, allowing views of the sea from every vantage point. A system of embedded, inclined lifts gives easy access from every level of the masterplan to the activity areas down along the beach.

The buildings are merged into the topography and blended into the environment. The attention to the vernacular is echoed in the high ceilings of the rooms and the use of natural light. Natural materials suitable to the topography, exposed concrete, local natural stone from the site and wood from the region are used. In their reference to the vernacular, these considerations not only acknowledge local traditions but make use of an ecological and sustainable architectural language.


November 29, 2016